We have all been there. Probably more than once. We are doing something that we really love and we are improving other people’s lives. We are enjoying what we are doing and we are making people happy. Does it get any better than that?

Suddenly, without warning, we lose our enthusiasm. Our motivation is gone. Gratification has left the building. Disillusionment is sitting next to us.

What happened? What went wrong? Ladies and gentlemen, we have just met “BURNOUT” up close and personal!

What is burnout? Mr. Webster says that it is “fatigue, frustration or apathy resulting from prolonged stress, overwork or intense activity”. My definition: burnout is losing contact with your “center of balance”. Our intentions were good. Our efforts were excellent. Our results were exceptional. Our self-esteem was soaring. All of the ingredients were correct but our desire has disappeared. Why?

We would like to succeed at everything that we attempt. We know that our success is dependent upon our willingness to learn, to try, and to adjust. We attempt to apply these principles to all facets of our lives. Then one day, we hear about the internet and the opportunity for success that it can bring. We decide to take the plunge into an online business to find our fortune using our formula for success.

We begin our research for starting an online business. We are introduced to a variety of internet concepts. We begin to apply some of these ideas to our online adventure. We discover that some of these principles work and some of them don’t. We start the cycle of trying, adjusting, and applying these concepts to make our business successful.

We deliver our effort and wait. Eventually, the profits begin to materialize and success is a word that we are starting to use. We are happy. Our customers are happy. Our family is happy. We know that we can make our business more successful with our continued dedication. We will see more profits, more happy customers, and more advantages for our family. The idea of growth begins to dance in our heads.

We know that it can happen. All we need is to spend one more hour on this marketing technique. We can use this weekend to get caught up on our paperwork. After all, our motivation is a happy customer and a happy family, right?.

Does any of this sound familiar? It is very easy for “burnout” to become a daily companion. Our priorities get a little confused but we find a way to justify our decisions. As was mentioned earlier, we have fallen off our “center of balance”. Under the guise of success, we have allowed our business to become our primary focus. We seem to have lost connection with our source of balance. After all, aren’t we suppose to be enjoying ourselves and the people who surround us?

What can we do to regain our balance? Take a day off! Take a weekend off! Take a week off! We must have time for ourselves. We need to leave our working environment, go somewhere to clear our mind, and then enjoy ourselves. It is essential that you have time for yourself!

This is not a selfish concept. It is an opportunity to remove yourself from the duties, responsibilities, and stresses in your life and relocate your “center of balance”. It never leaves you. It needs to be re-discovered sometimes.

If you set aside one day a week, one afternoon a week, or whatever time you can squeeze into your schedule, you can reclaim your “center of balance”. Take this time for you. It will bring MORE success to yourself, your family, and your business.

“The mind is never right but when it is at peace within itself”

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